ICC Check Online : First tool accredited by CB for checking the CB test profiles !

ICC Check Online

Our ICC Check online tool is the first tool accredited by Groupement CB for the V3.1 specifications, for checking the CB test profiles.

This tool can check the conformity of issuers card product for the personnalization hereafter :

  • CB-Dual_Interface_v3.0_MChipAdvance application
  • CB-Dual_Interface_v3.1_MChipAdvance application
  • CB-Dual_Interface_v3.0_VIS1.5.4_VCPS 2.1.2 application
  • CB-Dual_Interface_v3.1_VIS1.5.4_VCPS 2.1.2 application
  • Specification for CB CPACE Dual Interface Cards v3.1

This ICC Check online tool not only allows you to practice to refine your profile but also to request the certification of profiles by PayCert without evaluation in a test laboratory.

It is therefore a very powerful tool in the migration phase of profiles to CPACE for issuing banks.