ELITT and Leti ITSEF congratulate ARIADNEXT for its FIDO Biometric certificate


ELITT, the lab specialist of trusted transactions, and Leti ITSEF the lab expert in IT security are jointly accredited by FIDO Alliance to perform biometrics testing according to the FIDO specifications based on ISO standard ISO19795 and ISO30107. It was the first FIDO accreditation in Europe for biometric component certification.

Now, the 2 labs are very proud to announce that the first Facial recognition (hardware and software) biometric solution they have evaluated, developed by ARIADNEXT, a French company based in Rennes, has been certified by FIDO Alliance.

Furhtermore, this certificate proves that ARIADNEXT’s solution meets in the tested integration environment the FIDO requirements for biometric recognition performance and for Presentation Attack Detection (PAD).

Caen (France), November 19th, 2020.