ELITT performs tests on CardPlus Smart Tachograph Cards


ELITT, the specialist of secured electronic transactions, is proud to work with CardPlus Sweden on the functional test certification of their Smart Tachograph card.

Following the implementing regulation of the European Commission for Tachographs and their components (EU 2016/799), ELITT carried out the “Tachograph Cards functional tests” (especially over the “Card Body”, “Module”, “Chip”) on the product called “Driver Cards” by CardPlus.

Despite a very tight schedule for CardPlus’ to demonstrate their product’s conformity, ELITT was successfully able to evaluate and assess that CardPlus’ samples were compliant with EU 2016/799 regulation.

“The type approval process for second generation smart tachograph cards in accordance with European regulations is a highly demanding technical and organisation project and it requires seamless collaboration with multiple parties from accredited test laboratories to public authorities. We have been extremely satisfied with ELITT’s performance in terms of quality and capability to deliver in time to meet a very tight project schedule.” Mikael Strang, CEO of CardPlus Group.


About CardPlus Sverige AB

CardPlus Sverige AB is a CarPlus Group company specializing in the development and provisioning of high-assurance security solutions and services for trusted identities and smart cards. Under the brand name Nordic Trust Services, CardPlus AB provides type approved second-generation smart tachograph cards in conformance with European regulations.

Colombelles (France), October 8th, 2020.