ELITT is now accredited by EMVCo to perform 3DS testing evaluation

ELITT, the specialist of trusted transactions is now accredited by EMVCo perform 3DS testing according to the EMVCo specifications.

ELITT, subsidiary of Cartes Bancaires, works on 3D Secure for a long time, for the French market with the MPADS specifications for CB.

Now, this functionality set up to a new level, International one, to provide services for ACS, 3DS Server and Directory server solutions.

To do so, ELITT worked with Atomworks, the tool provider, to build this new offer. Now, ELITT supplies a complete package to propose the access to the tool for internal testing and then, the Laboratory services for the evaluation of the solution.

“It’s really a very good opportunity for ELITT to become a major partner in this eco-system. After several years working for the European market, we can now accelerate International projects deployment with a dedicated expert team to ensure efficiency” says Gregoire Guetin, Head of Marketing, Communications & Sales department.


About Atomworks (https://3dstest.com/)

Founded by 15+ years experts in EMV certification services, ATOMWORKS is a revolutionary B2B SaaS platform.

To facilitate global collaboration between different parties in certification activities, Atomworks brings a unique open-platform model by connecting payment product certification services with a centrally managed cloud-based testing tool.

Our 3DS Test Platform

Currently, 3DS tools providers also operate the certification activities and as a bundle. But such models lack technical objectivity.

We offer instead an independently operated online test tool combined with a multi-lab ecosystem, ensuring both reliable service availability and consistent objective analysis.


Caen (France), September 30th, 2020.