Download and use guidelines of ELITT logo


By using ELITT logo, you agree to respect the following guidelines. In case of doubt, thank you to contact us at the following address:

Clear space

The ELITT Logo should always appear with the minimum area of clear space around the logo. It is essential that the logotype remains free of all graphics, taglines, identities and photography.

Minimum size

In order to ensure legibility and visual prominence, the ELITT logo should never appear smaller than 180x61 px here for print and digital applications.

Logo integrity

? Do not alter or partially cover the logo.

? Do not alter the proportions, position or letter spacing.

? Do not stretch, condense, distort or separate logo elements.

? Do not alter the color or add effects (drop shadow, glow, etc).

? Do not replace the logotype with another typeface.

? Do not place an image within the logotype.

? Do not rotate (vertically, horizontally or diagonally) or flip.

The ELITT logo cannot be used as part of a sentence. The correct way to do this is to use text in the headline, and place the ELITT logo elsewhere on the page.