Qualified test tools for EMV Certification

EMV certification test

EMV is an international security standard for payment devices such as chip card/smart card, mobile, or payment terminals. It exists to facilitate worldwide interoperability and acceptance of secure payment transactions. Nowadays this standard is managed equally by the most famous payment cards companies (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB…) in a consortium named EMVCo.


Elitt offers EMV certification testing to the latest specifications defined by EMVCo in its laboratory. More specifically, within its physical characterization laboratory, ELITT seeks to assess the dimensional, mechanical and physical properties. Physical tests for certification are carried out on the card body, with or without a chip, and on the chips themselves, to verify the good performance at product completion and during its life cycle.
On this page we will try to explain why EMV certification is important and what it implies.

Why EMV certification is essential?

Before being launch on the market, products (such as cards, mobile phones, acceptance systems terminals, ect.) have to be tested on several compliance levels in order to meet the conformance of these systems to international specifications/standards.

EMV chip terminal testing aims to maintain a good cardholder experience and to guarantee a reliable payment method infrastructure. Merchants can be held responsible for fraud resulting from transactions processed in not supported EMV systems.

Elitt provides those tests is as it is certified by EMVCo as an approved laboratories.

What is EMV Certification?

Elitt offers EMV Level 1 type approval and Level 2 type approval to assess dimensional, mechanical and physical properties.
EMV Level 1 Type Approval covers physical, electrical and transport level interfaces.
EMV Level 2 Type Approval covers payment application selection and credit financial transaction processing.

Since 2015, EMVCo accredited Elitt for certification on mobile phone testing. Mobile NFC payment certification test are realised on Level 1 analog, Level 1 digital, performance and interoperability.

There is also a Level 3 certification. It ensures the software running on a device meet the brand requirement.

Qualified test tools

Elitt robot- Certification laboratory
ELITT has been qualifying its test tools by recognized organism. They are all available for purchase.

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