For 25 years, ELITT services have given the banking world the smooth and accurate running  of)proper  operation of the electronic payment chain in the field. Indeed, ELITT is evaluating products such as cards, payment application, acceptance systems and security modules, and furthermore is performing quality and security audits on industrial sites.

Undisputed reference in terms of conformity evaluations in the secure transaction domain, ELITT is accredited or certified by the main international schemes (EMVCo, MasterCard, Visa, JCB…) and French (CB).

In the context of SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) ELITT has been actively involved in OSCAR(Open System for Cards) which aims to establish a single card acceptance specification in Europe, since 2010. Thus ELITT offers consultancy services and assessments to all banks and to all European and global payment schemes.

ELITT applies its expertise to mobile  phone payment, by designing methodologies for testing and evaluating the development of NFC (Near Field Communication) payment.

Its evaluation process and its activities are developed by recognized experts in the field of secure transactions and are accredited ISO 17025*.

* : Scope available on COFRAC website, accreditation number 1-2093.