Being an ISO 17025 certified evaluation and expertise center*, ELITT verifies the compliance, the interoperability, the smooth running and robustness  of smart cards, mobile applications, payment terminals and other acceptance systems as well as digital identity documents submitted by manufacturers or contractors.

This expertise deals mainly with the various fields of ELITT’s activity: payment, transportation, healthcare and identity.


Before being launched on the market, cards – and more specifically new form factors (mobile phones, USB flash drives…) have to be tested on several compliance levels in order to meet national and/or international specifications.

Thus, “contact” and “contactless” smart cards undergo a serie of tests from the very beginning of their development phase. Checks conducted by ELITT combine both environmental testing and electrical testing. ELITT also performs functional qualification testing, interoperability and integration testing and pre-deployment testing.

Within its physical characterization laboratory, ELITT seeks to assess the dimensional, mechanical and physical properties. Physical tests are carried out on the card body, with or without a chip, and on the chips themselves, to verify the good performance at product completion and during its life cycle.

Regarding specific contactless cards and NFC mobile phones, thorough checks include data link and physical layers (analog/RF, digital) and also transmission protocol and card/terminal interaction.

Biometrics, like contactless technology requires a progression in tools and evaluation techniques that ELITT develops in its laboratory.

Evaluation of card profile personalization

The extension of new cards (dual interface, CDA…) has an impact on the personalization profile of issuers. To ensure optimal acceptance of these cards in the field, ELITT and the certification body PayCert provide evaluation and certification of issuer personalization profiles.

Acceptance systems

Payment terminals, distributed architectures, electronic payment modules integrated in unattended payment terminals, transport ticket validators, e-commerce platforms as well as new mobile acceptance products like smartphones and tablets are also thoroughly tested.

Regarding functional evaluation, ELITT verifies the conformance of these systems to French and international specifications/standards “CB”, EMVCo, Visa, MasterCard, OSCar, SESAM-Vitale …)

Tests carried out by ELITT also concern integration of electronic payment modules in unattended terminals (car parks, fuel distributors, …) to verify “anti-phishing” , “anti-skimming”) and functional integrity.

Healthcare terminal

A reference laboratory of GIE SESAM-Vitale, ELITT leads conformity evaluations of point of interaction, thereby helping industrials develop their products and optimize their marketing

* : Scope available on COFRAC website, accreditation number 1-2093.