Consultancy and training

ELITT provides high added value technical consulting services on projects and programs related to secure electronic transactions.


As part of the implementation or part of major evolutions in products and electronic transaction systems, it is important to assess technical feasibility. ELITT provides top expertise in the analysis of the functional specifications of products and systems, in order to determine the feasibility, the impact or limitation against existing products, or to eventually recommend adjustments

As an assistance to project owners, ELITT provides customized services such as the  drafting of acceptance test plans, card personalization consultancy, NFC mobile payment tests at merchants,…


Based on its expertise and upon request of its customers, ELITT has developed training courses on advanced topics. Such training may be proposed in-company and adapted to the target audience (decision-maker, project manager, developer, integrator ...).

Training already available :
- nexo / ISO 20022 (former EPAS / SEPA-FAST / OSCar)

Test suite design

To verify if a product conforms to reference specifications, an effective test methodology is required. ELITT develops test methods and test suites in order to meet this objective. These tools describe all the tests conducted in a laboratory, as well as their environment.

ELITT's established competence is based on 25 years of experience of test suite design crowned by an ISO 17025 accreditation scope B*, guaranteeing the quality of the methods developed and used in the laboratory.

Technical assistance

Prior to running the formal evaluation of products, ELITT supports its customers by providing sessions of technical assistance for the manufacturer. This enables them to evaluate his product compared to test methods used for the evaluation. This assistance may take place within the ELITT laboratory with the attendance of experts, or on site.

Analysis of innovative cards

New materials, special effects, metallic foil or tactile texture, special shapes… ELITT advises companies who wish to make use of such innovations and helps them analyze the impact of new kinds of products on the production and on the intended card usage.

Management of issues in the field

ELITT experts have gathered an extensive know-how in the registration, identification, analysis and resolution of abnormalities in the area of transactions dealing with cards, acceptance systems and acquisition.

Starting with this analysis, ELITT issues recommendations to continuously improve the quality of a system of electronic transactions.

* : Scope available on COFRAC website, accreditation number 1-2093.