Dedicated to physical and logical security as well as process and product quality, ELITT offers audits lead by experienced multidisciplinary teams.

Audits of industrial sites

ELITT carries out security audit for its clients which are called “logical” (they assess  the secure measures for data exchange, backups, archiving, firewalls and network devices, and key management for data encryption) and “physical” (focused on access control, logs, availability and effectiveness of video surveillance systems, security of IT rooms and service continuity).

An example of this would be an audit which is performed on payment card    production sites. In this context, quality audits are also proposed to control the quality management system, the quality of products, and to verify manufacturing techniques.

NAC tests

The “Groupement des Cartes Bancaires” issued requirements on cryptographic mechanisms, to be implemented during data and key exchanges between ATM (Automated Teller Machine) and the host. The technical solution is called “Nouvelle Architecture Cryptographique (NAC)”.

ELITT has been appointed to run test sessions, to check the conformity of the material.