Laboratory accreditations

Before being launch on the market, products (such as cards, mobile phones, acceptance systems terminals, ect.) have to be tested on several compliance levels in order to meet the conformance of these systems to international specifications/standards. ELITT combine both environmental testing and electrical testing. ELITT also performs functional qualification testing, interoperability and integration testing and, pre-deployment testing.

More specifically, within its physical characterization laboratory, ELITT seeks to assess the dimensional, mechanical and physical properties. Physical tests are carried out on the card body, with or without a chip, and on the chips themselves, to verify the good performance at product completion and during its life cycle.

Biometrics, like contactless technology requires a progression in tools and evaluation techniques that ELITT develops in its laboratory.
ELITT also carries test of electronic payment modules in unattended terminals to verify “anti-phising”, “anti-skimming” and functional integrity.


Elitt is accredited by the largest international certifications companies

ELITT enjoys the recognition and accreditation of the largest international certifications bodies.

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EMCo-Laboratory accrediations Mastercard-Laboratory accrediations American Express-Laboratory accreditations
Nexo-Laboratory accreditations CFCF-Laboratory accreditations Carte Bancaire-Laboratory accreditations
Bancontact-Laboratory accreditations JCB-Laboratory accreditations

Pure-Laboratory accreditations


Visa-Laboratory accreditations
CEN-Laboratory accreditations Calypso-Laboratory accreditations ISO-Laboratory accreditations
ICAO-Laboratory accreditations Sesam-Vitale-Laboratory accreditations  

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