ISO norms provided by ELITT laboratory

Cards physical characteristics testing

ISO (International Organisation for Standardization) develops and publishes international standards, in order to provide customers with safe, reliable and good quality products thanks to the implication of globally-established experts.

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ELITT started its activity by testing banking cards for GIE Cartes Bancaires, and since then has rapidly expanded its service offer to many other fast booming cards : health cards, transportation cards (CEN 16794), identity cards (ISO 7810), driving licences cards (ISO 18013).

For body cards and embedded cards, ELITT is checking conformity to the main standards (ISO 7810, ISO 7816*,…).

ISO 14443 standards are supported for contactless cards too.

To perform testing sessions, the ISO 10373 methodology is applied.

To complete ISO 7810, ISO 7816 and ISO 14443 conformity tests, ELITT offers ISO 24789 test sessions for card service life depending on 2 main parameters: age and usage.

For ISO 24789, tests sequences are defined depending on expected card life and usage (Transport, Identity,…), and tests are performed with the same cards.

To evaluate card’s life, ISO 24789 tests sessions are more representative than any unitary tests done under ISO 10373 and are increasingly appreciated by manufacturers.

Since this standard has been launched, ELITT provides top-tier test services to its clients with further valuable advisory services aiming at supporting them in their final profile choices (2C, 3D, …).

ELITT testing laboratory supports all the following ISO norms:

ISO/IEC 14443 : Identification cards — Contactless integrated circuit(s) cards — Proximity cards

  • Part 1: Physical characteristics
  • Part 2: Radio frequency power and signal interface*
  • Part 3: Initialization and anticollision*
  • Part 4: Transmission protocol*

ISO/IEC 10373 : Identification cards — Test methods

  • Part 1: General characteristics
  • Part 2: Cards with magnetic stripes
  • Part 3: Integrated circuit(s) cards with contacts and related interface devices*
  • Part 6: Proximity cards

ISO/IEC 7810 : Identification cards — Physical characteristics

ISO/IEC 7811 : Identification cards -- Recording technique

  • Part 6: Magnetic stripe -- High coercivity

ISO/IEC 7816 : Identification cards -- Integrated circuit(s) cards with contacts

  • Part 1: Physical characteristics
  • Part 2: Cards with contacts — Dimensions and location of the contacts
  • Part 3: Electronic Signals and Transmission Protocols*

ISO/IEC 18013 : Information technology — Personal identification — ISO-compliant driving licence

  • Part 1: Physical characteristics and basic data set

ISO/IEC 15480 : Identification card systems - European Citizen Card

  • Part 1: Physical, electrical and transport protocol characteristics

ISO/CEI 24789 : Identification cards -- Card service life

  • Part 1: Application profiles and requirements
  • Part 2: Methods of evaluation

Plastics – Thermoplastics materiels – Establishing softening temperature Vicat (VST)

ISO/IEC 18745-1:2014 Information technology

Test methods for machine readable travel documents (MRTD) and associated devices

  • Part 1: Physical test methods for passport books (durability)

You will find more details on ISO 18745 on the page dedicated to ELITT's ICAO testing laboratory.

Moreover, ELITT is accredited ISO/CEI 17025 (Scope available on COFRAC website, accreditation number 1-2093).

* : Partly supported - contact us for more details